Since the Millennium Change, we have found the right professionals and executives for a variety of companies for positions from middle management to executive or board level. Due to the high level of recognition and the excellent reputation as a trusting partner in the service industry, the doors of the corporate decision-makers, especially in the travel industry (tourism, business travel, airlines, tour operators, travel agency chains, car rental companies, software manufacturers, travel management companies, cruise ship companies, etc.), are open to us.

When filling significant positions in your company, it is important, in addition to the professional and personal competence profile and management qualities, that the future employee fits in with your corporate culture and that the “chemistry” is right.


Executive Search

Our recruiting process for the successful filling of positions at top management level is divided into six phases

For the successful search of fitting future employees, it helps us, to have as much background knowledge as possible about the company, the position and the desired candidate profile. In the briefing we get to know your company, the future colleagues, together we develop the requirement profile, determine the search strategy and determine, if necessary, a target company list.

On the basis of the jointly developed requirement profile, potential candidates for your vacancy will be identified and addressed with the utmost discretion. For the interested candidates we compile a comparison of the candidate competence profile and the requirement profile, which serves as a basis for the decision to invite for an interview and as a guide for a telephone interview.

The first pre-selection is usually done through a telephone interview in which we focus on the professional experience / expertise (hard factors). If the outcome is positive, the candidate will be familiarized with the company and the position promised. In order to safeguard the candidate’s interest, the initial basic conditions such as the willingness to possibly relocate are already being discussed.

On the basis of the comparison of the requirement profile and competence profile, enriched with information from the telephone interview, a shortlist of candidates will be created, which will be invited for a personal interview. This is a structured interview, individually tailored to the needs of your company, your corporate culture, values ​​and positions, with a focus on personality fit (soft factors).

With the information gathered in phases 2 thru 4 we compile detailed candidate profiles and recommend the three to five top candidates for a personal get-together. From these profiles, the HR decision-makers in the company select the profiles of the candidates they want to meet. We are happy to accompany these interviews and also offer our office space for that purpose. As a rule, we take a more observational role in these discussions.

In support of your personnel decision, we will create an evaluation in form of a comparison of the competences of the two to three “top performers”.

Executives and Experts

Full Service

For the successful filling of positions we offer our full service. It consists of the following 5 phases.

  • Conception and phrasing of a job description and an individual requirements profile for your vacancy
  • Identification and selection of a publication medium suitable for your vacancy.
  • Phrasing, conception and design of an individual job advertisement
  • Free publication of your job offer on our highly frequented website
  • Preselection of the application return
  • Search for suitable candidates in our extensive database
  • Active Sourcing (Social Media Sourcing)
  • Creation of a comparison of requirement and competence profile of generally eligible applicants as the basis for a telephone interview
  • Telephone interviews with the candidates identified as potentially suitable
  • Evaluation of the telephone interviews and selection of candidates who are invited to a first personal interview
  • Invitation to the preliminary interview
  • Creation of an interview guide tailored to your company and your vacancy for each individual candidate
  • Preliminary interviews in our offices in Cologne
  • Further selection based on the preliminary interviews
  • Reduction of the applicant pool to 3-5 applicants (depending on the potential and your wish)
  • Compilation and forwarding of the application documents
  • Refer candidates to a job interview with your company’s HR decision-makers (location in your or our office as you like)
  • Participation in the interviews on site

Preselection Service

Our Pre Selection Service is particularly suitable for filling high-quality expert positions in tourism and related service industries. Our pre-selection service consists of the following 4 phases.

  • Regular advertisement in the tourist trade press, in which your job offer can be posted free of charge
  • Anonymous publication of your job offer on the highly frequented website of Wilbers Personalberatung without additional costs
  • Research in our extensive database of career changers from the travel industry and related sectors
  • Preselection of potentially suitable candidates
  • Contact the potential candidates
  • Presentation of the vacancy and interest inquiry
  • Request for missing / current application documents
  • Preparation of a comparison of the expected requirements (hard skills) and the competency profile of the applicant as shown in their documents
  • Clarification of unanswered questions in a telephone interview
  • Sending the requirement / competence profile comparison as well as the application documents
  • Compilation of the information on the reachability of the applicants for the arrangement of a personal meeting

Your advantages of a cooperation with us

  • Many years of recruiting experience

  • Extensive know-how of the different areas of activity

  • Comprehensive industry knowledge in tourism and related service industries

  • Comprehensive network / contacts to potential candidates, especially in tourism

  • Optimized recruiting processes

  • Saving costs by outsourcing the time-consuming and personnel-binding identification and selection of suitable applicants

  • Trustful cooperation

  • Discrete recruitment

  • Appreciative candidate handling, which also benefits your employer branding with a positive candidate experience.

Recruitment und Business Coaching by Wilbers

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