Team Coaching

“It is difficult to achieve a spirit of genuine cooperation as long as people remain indifferent to the feelings and happiness of others.”

(Dalai Lama)

In times of a shortage of skilled workers it is already a success to win a qualified employee. For the success of a company not only the sum of good employees, but successful teams are indispensable. What makes a successful team? At the top of the list is the interaction of the individual team members. If this interaction is disturbed, the team does not run smoothly. Sooner or later, the quality of the team performance and thus the team success will decrease. Often the result are dissatisfied or even frustrated employees. Prevent this condition through our Team Coaching.

Team Coaching as part of the recruiting process

Be a pioneer and integrate our professional team coaching during or before searching for a new team member or supervisor.

  • Increased acceptance of the new team member by involving the existing team in the search for a new team member. The existing team feels valued and can make a good contribution to the tailor-made search.

  • Taking into account the various existing team personalities when assessing which personality might fit or complement the team well.

  • Possibility of taking into account possible lack of expertise in the team in the selection of the new team member

  • Increase performance through more satisfied team members and more harmonious teams

  • Increase the company affiliation of hard-to-reside expert positions

Team Coaching in existing teams

“The team spirit is in high demand today, because it is easier to work in a team; but the community does not last long if you do not pull in the same direction.”

(Oskar Stock)

It does not run smoothly in the team? You are not satisfied with the performance of your team? There is a bad mood in the team? There are many occasions when Team Coaching can be the answer.

  • Analysis

    • Clarification of the coaching contract with the client and the team concerned
    • Defining the goals of each team member and a collective goal
    • Development of a coaching process
  • Team Coaching

    As a method, tools of systemic coaching, a resource-oriented/solution-oriented approach, systemic question techniques and intervention techniques are used. Team Coaching may also be subject to individual coaching, which will benefit the entire team. The coach works with the team on concrete/agreed coaching goals, lets the team find its solution through systemic questions or interventions and accompanies the team in the implementation of the developed solution.

Team Coaching and more…

In addition to Team Coaching we are also happy to assist you in finding personnel as part of our Executive Search, Full Service, Pre Selection Service. In addition, we also like to carry out Individual Coaching with employees selected by you. Contact us either via our contact form or call us directly: +49 (6439) 57 02 001.